Errata Corrige: "Cafone"

This is for kind mr. Cristophe Canitrot from Southsiders MC: this is from Alessandro Insolia, I wrote the article about Wheels & Waves, in which I happened to call you "cafone".
First thing first, let me apologize if I sounded disrespectful in your regards by calling you that way.
It's true that in the italian language the word "cafone" has a negative meaning, but in the Roman slang, especially in the Roman motorcycling culture, words like "cafone", "boro", "borango" and similar, even if they sound bad, are meant in a positive meaning, used to describe someone with attitude and general badassery.
Anyway the fault is on me, I should have known this would cause misunderstanding, I should have picked my words more carefully.
To avoid further complicatons I'll change the word with something more appropriate.
Everything we write here on RPLF is meant out of respect for everyone, especially those able to organize such an outstanding gathering like Wheels & Waves in a wonderful place like Biarritz; but we're not used to take ourselves very seriously, we often write our articles in a very ironic way.
Hoping this is enough, let me just say that when I knew that you had read our blog and my article, I was very proud, even if you didn't like it.


Alessandro Ike Insolia